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‘Sylhet’ Thackeray [electronic resource]

Administration of Bengal under Sir Andrew Fraser, The, 1903-1908

Administration of the East India company, the; a history of Indian progress, by John William Kaye

Adventures of Akbar, The, by Flora Annie Steel


Akbar the Great Mogul, 1542-1605, by Vincent A Smith

Akbar, emperor of India, a picture of life and customs from the sixteenth century, by Richard Von Garbe venila)

Akbar, Rulers of India, by George Bruce Malleson

akbarnamah, Abu Al-fazl


Albuquerque, Rulers of India, by Henry Morse Stephens

Ancient and Mediaeval India, by Mrs. Manning

Ancient and medieval architecture of India a study of indo-Aryan civilization, The, by e. B. Havell

Ancient India Described as by Megasthenes and Arrian, By J W McCrindle

Ancient Indian Colonies In The Far East Vol 2, Suvarnadvipa Part I Political Hstory, by R C Majumdar

Anecdotes Of Aurangzib

Annals of rural Bengal, by W W Hunter

Arab Rule in Pakistan, Dr. Moqeet Javed

Army of Indian Moghuls, William Irvine

Aryan race; its origins and its achievements, The

Auranzib and the decay of the Mughal Empire, Stanley Lane-poole, Rulers of India,


Baharistan Ghaybi, Mirza Nathan

Bengal District Gazetteers, 24 parganas

Bengal Historical Records, Proceedings Of The Select Committee At Fort WilliamIn Bengal 1758, Edited By Walter K. Firminger

Bengal in 1756-57 3 Volumes

Bengal in the Sixteenth Century, A.D, by J N Das Gupta

Bengal reversion, another exceptional case, by Major Evans Bell

Bengal under the lieutenant-governors 2 Vol

Bengal under the Muhammadans; Brief Notes on its Geography and History, by J A Bourdillon

Bengali household tales

Bogra District Gazetteers

Calcutta faces and places in pre-camera days

Calcutta Review, Journal

Calcutta, past and present

Case of Mrs. Clive, The

chronology of indian history

Coins and chronology of the early independent sultans of Bengal, by Nalini Kana Bhattasali

Dacca The Romance of an Eastern Capital

Dacca, Eastern Bengal District Gazetteers

Daily life in Bengal

Dhaka District Gazetteers

Dinajpur District Gazetteers

Early history and growth of culcutta, The

Early history of bengal, by F J Monahan

Early records of British India, a history of the English settlements in India

Early travels in India, 1583-1619

Education and transmission of knowledge in medieval India, Saiyid Zaheer Husain Jafri

Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan, by H G Keene

fall of the Mogul Empire, by Sidney J Owen

Ferishta’s History of Dekkan from the first Mahummedan conquests

Five letters from a free merchant in Bengal, to Warren Hastings

Foreign Descriptions of South Asia

Forty one years in India from Subatern to Commander-in-chief,by Frederick Sleigh Roberts, in 2 Vol

Glory of Bharat

Great mogul, The, by Louis Tracy

Harsa Cerita of Bana, The, (Oriental Translation Fund, New Series 002)

Historical Sketches Of Bengal

history of Aryan rule in India from the earliest times to the death of Akbar, by E B Havell

History of Aurangzib Mainly based on Persian Sources, by Jadunath Sarkar

History of British India, The, 6 Volume

History of education in ancient India, A

history of Hindostan, Translated by Alexander Dow

History of Humayun, The, Gulbadan Begam, (Oriental Translation Fund, New Series 013)

History of India from the earliest period to the close of the East India Company’s government

History of India, Jackson A V William Vol1-9

History of India, Mountstuart Elphinstone

history of India, The, as told by its own historians. The Muhammadan period

History of India, The, for boys and girls, by Hemlota Devi

History of India, The, from the earliest period to the close of Lord Dalhousies administration, John Clark Marshman, 2 vol

History of Mary Prince, by Mary Prince

History of Murshidabad District, A, (Bengal)

History of the French in India, from the founding of Pondichery in 1674 to the capture of that place in 1761, by Colonel G B Malleson

History of the Indian Mutiny of 1857-8, Kaye’s and Malleson’s History, Edited by Colonel Malleson, 6 vol


History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India, Ferista, tr. John Briggs

History of the Sepoy war in India, A, 1857-1858, by JOHN WILLIAM KATE

In Clive’s Command, by Herbert Strang

In Kali’s Country, by Emily Churchill


India and its native princes. Travels in Central India and in the presidencies of Bombay and Bengal, BY LOUIS ROUSSELET

India and the Indians, by Edward F. Elwin

India at the Akbar, an economic study, by W H Moreland

India On The Eve Of The British Conquest

India under British rule, from the foundation of the East India Company

India, A Sacred Geography

india, A Warning

india, History of Nations

India, Its Life and Thought, by John P. Jones

India, Old and New, by Sir Valentine Chirol

india, peeps at many lands, john finnemore

india, Romance of empire

India, The Romance of History, John Hobart Caunter

Indian Mutiny, The Personal Adventures And Experiences Of A Magistrate During,By Mark Thorhill

Invasion of India by Alexander the Great as described by Arrian, The

Invasions of India from central Asia

Khulna District Gazetteers

Kitab-i-yamini, The (Early Conquerors of Hindustan and Founders of the Ghaznavi ds Dynasty), Al Utbi, Tr. James Reynolds

Life and Letters Under the Mughals, By P N chopra

Life In Ancient India

Life of Lord Clive, The, in 2 vol

life of Robert, lord Clive, The

Life of Robert, lord Clive, The, collected from the family papers communicated by the Earl of Powis, in 3 vol

Living India

Maathir ul-umara, english, 2 vol

Memoir of the services of the Bengal artillary, by E Buckle

Memoirs of Gaur and Pandua

Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir (b&w), translated by Major David Prince

Memoirs of Zehir-ed-din Muhammad Babur, vol 1 of 2


Muslim Slave System in Medieval India, by K S Lal

Musnud of Murshidabad, The (1704-1904)

Mutiny of the Bengal Army, The

Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825 v1

Narrative of the Siege of Delhi With an account of the Mutiny at Ferozepore in in 1857, A, by Charles John Griffiths

Narrative Of The Transactions In Bengal, A

Narrative of the Transation in Bengal During the Adminstration of Mr. Hastings, by Major John Scott

Narrative of Tranfaftions in Bengal, by Francis Gladwin

On Yuan Chwangs Travels in India, (Oriental Translation Fund, New Series 014)

Political history of ancient India

Pre Aryan And Pre Dravidian In India

Prey By The Ganges

Principal heads of the history and statistics of the Dacca Division

Rajatarangini of Kalhana – English – Jogesh Chunder Dutt 2 vol

Rauzat-us-safa, (Oriental Translation Fund, New Series 001)

Recollections of Calcutta for over Half a century, Montague Massey

Religions of India, by Edward Washburn Hopkins

Ride to India across Persia and Baluchistán, A, by Harry De Windt

Rihla, The, Ibn Battuta’s

Riyazu-s-salatin, a history of bengal, by ghulam husain salim, translated by ma ulavi abdus salam

Sexual life in ancient India

Shah Jahan

Shivaji and his times, Jadunath Sarkar

Sketch of the topography & statistics of Dacca, A

Sketches of India

Sketches of rulers of India, The Mutiny Era and After, by G D Oswell

Storia do Mogor; or, Mogul India 1653-1708, by Niccolao Manucci

Story of Madras, by Glyn Barlow

Studies in Mughal India, by Jadunath Sarkar

Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznin, Syed Nadeem Rezavi

Tabaqat-e Nasiri (pershi)

Tareeq-E-Calcutta (pershi)

Tarikh-i-rashidi, The

Taylor, A sketch of the topography & statistics of Dacca

Thacker’s guide to Calcutta

The Wars for the Silk Roads, Iakovos Alhadeff

Travels in India a hundred years ago, with a visit to the United States

Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668, by Francois Bernier

Travels of Fa, The, By James Legge

Village, town, and jungle life in India, by A C Newcombe

Way of an Indian, by Frederic Remington


Young Rajah, The


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